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John Log 1 – Bermuda Departure

Posted by John Newhoff on May 25th, 2007

We departed Bermuda yesterday (Friday) morning at about 7:30am, after delaying our departure two days for more favorable weather and to take in the dinghy races taking place on Bermuda Day (national holiday). The races ended up getting canceled due to high winds. The channel out of the harbor is a very narrow cut, after […]

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We’re Off…Again!

Posted by Tni Newhoff on May 25th, 2007

It is early morning on Friday, May 24 and we are just about ready to hoist the sails and sail out of Bermuda Harbor enroute to the Azores! In roughly 1800 miles and 2 weeks we should arrive at our destination in Horta. We are now a little less than two days behind the fleet […]

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We’re Here! Bermuda at Last

Posted by Tni Newhoff on May 22nd, 2007

Leg 1 of our passage is complete and we are resting comfortably in Bermuda! It was a long and arduous journey, especially for just two people, and after eight days and 900 miles at sea, we were incredibly relieved to get here, get some sleep, and start ramping up for Leg 2. What a pleasant […]

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