We are here…

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Saturday, November 11th, 2006 at 8:53 pm
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Well… we are here! It is no longer this intangible thing, it is real and we are living it. I say this as I look around the salon and am amazed at how quickly we have settled in. Still much to be done but it has certainly taken on a look that is ours. Also of note to remind us that this is not a dream are the tunes playing just down the way by a local band. They started early and no doubt will go late. Everyone we have met has told us that we must go to this restaurant and that there is great live music. We might just try to muster up the energy to do just that. (Side note…this Marina is totally like a movie, with the local marina rats who have lived on their boats here since who knows when, making repairs even though they have no intention of leaving, drinking beer, and simply “hangin.” Common themes: huge bellies, weathered faces, incredibly friendly).
As David moved the last remaining boxes from the deck down below, I surprised him by cracking open a beautiful bottle of champagne b/c there is no way that this moment that will happen only once, should go uncelebrated by champagne. We are SO tired. The flight wasn’t long enough to get a decent amount of sleep BUT we are here and I feel more alive (as cheesy as that sounds) than I have ever felt. I am so many emotions in this moment, here, with the only person that I could ever imagine embarking on such a crazy journey with.
More later. Lat:26.46 Lon:-80.03

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