Day One

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Sunday, November 12th, 2006 at 2:30 pm

We just spent our first night on the boat. I slept really well. The bed is surprisingly comfortable and thankfully its strange shape did not affect its comfort. We woke up to blue skies peeking out of our little sunroof…how cool is that…we have a skylight above our bed! It was nice to wake up and have no concept of the time and to not have it matter. As it turns out, my internal clock is right on b/c once I did check the time it was not quite 7:30…sounds about right for me. I am now about to continue tackling the putting away of things – which is really quite fun. I’m armed with my label maker and I think I’ve discovered just about all of the cubby holes – though I have no doubt that there are more just waiting to surprise me. The best one that I have found so far is way forward beneath the forward berth. I’m not sure what to put there yet b/c it needs to be something that you rarely need to access. Two couples who were roaming the marina yesterday stopped by and chatted. One of the women reminded me of a good tip that I had heard before which is to keep an electronic inventory of where everything is…noted. David is working with one of the maintenance guys on the many electrical tasks at hand. Funny (though not in the least bit surprising) how comfortably we fall into gender roles.

Oh my god…I just overheard someone on another boat saying that he “beat the shit out of it – I don’t like sharks!” I have no reference for this story but I’m not really ready to meet up with any sharks just yet and I certainly can’t imagine beating the shit out of one!

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    Yippee! Missing you already. So happy to be able to share your adventures this way. xxoo

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