The time has come!

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 at 1:25 pm

We FINALLY get to go out tomorrow. After almost a week of living on the boat and getting everything sorted out, we finally get to take Rosario for spin tomorrow. We do the official check-out where we are basically out all day and go through every aspect and detail of the boat with our production manager. We will actually be leaving this marina and its riffraff behind and will move further south to a marina where we will be able to step off the boat and safely explore :)

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    love reading the updates, nothing much going on here. Miss you

    Hey Guys!
    Well it is really exicting to see the photo’s of your new pad, and realize that you are on your way and that the adventure has become a reality!
    I cant believe you are off and sailing!
    Sounds like all has been smooth so far, and you are getting used to the boat. How was the first sail? Are you guys at the new marina yet? Im glad the bed is cosy…thats a cute photo of Tni sleeping…was she really sleeping? ;) What has the weather been like? As usual, SD is warm, we finally had rain the other day…and I was in heaven, then the next day it was warm and sunny again…so I will just have to get my fix of cold in Minnesota next week, where we are spending Thanksgiving with Gerry’s family.
    Im excited to read about all your adventures, and am so happy for you both! Looking foward to more pic’s and blogs! Lots of love, Alison

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