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Posted by Tni Newhoff on Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 at 7:30 am

We did not head to Ft. Lauderdale as planned yesterday. After speaking with our sailing club looking for marina or anchorage recommendations they have suggested that we bypass it altogether (even though that is where they are headquartered) and head straight to Miami. We have heard this from many others as well and may heed the advice…still deciding. The marinas in Ft. Lauderdale are notoriously expensive and b/c it has become overcrowded, anchorages are few and far between. Should we decide to head straight to Miami, we will still need to decide if we should go by way of the intercoastal waterway (which would allow us to anchor part of the way day and split the trip into two days) or if we should take the ocean route and do it in one go (about 8 or so hours). I’m game for whatever – I’m just excited for the trip!

We made our first friends here! We met Rich and Becky on Thursday. Rich helped me carry groceries to the boat and later invited us down to their (airconditioned!) boat for a drink. One of us was working and could only stay for a minute but the other one of us hung out for a good hour and a half laughing and chatting and came home a little tipsy – I’ll let you guess who was who in this scenario ;) You cannot believe how incredibly friendly people are here. Living in the marina you meet so many people on the dock and because we are all living or traveling on our boats, it’s like an immediate connection to allow for easy conversation. It has become clear that in general we will be the youngest of the bunch. Most people that we meet have kids our age (as was the case with Rich and Becky). I’m sure that there are others like us but good people are good people as far as I’m concerned.

I’m off to the farmers market this morning and then we are going for a sail this afternoon. There’s a marathon here tomorrow morning that will pass right by our marina. Upon discovering this the other day, I felt envy and even considered trying to do the half. That was until my 6 mile run yesterday in the heat, humidity, and wind. I think I’ll be a cheerleader this time around unless there is a 5 or 10k ;) (sorry Coach Jay – but don’t worry, Bootcamp Bahamas will happen!)

Ta for now xx

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    WOW! Your trip looks fantastic! It is so great to see 2 people brave enough to just drop everything and set sail! I am so happy for you both…(even though I’ve never met David!) You are an inspiration! Since I get seasick in the marina, I will stick to just reading your blog and imagining the salt air on my face. (You don’t get much of that in Las Vegas.) I look forward to reading more! Dani

    Interestin that all the folks that you are meeting are older…Im guessing most wait till they are retired to live out their life long dream of sailing and exploring…and dont have as much energy as they might had they been a bit younger….I think its great that you guys are doing it now…Im sure you will meet some really interesting characters out there on the seas…and some life-long friends…Glad to hear you are getting into the groove of it all, just make sure that when Tni has dance party USA that she invites some of the crazy coots around! That would make for a great video blog!

    As I sit in my office with no windows reading about your adventures, a certain word comes to mind……. JEALOUS!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Your boat looks really nice, I think I could live a year on that. Have a great trip David and Tni!

    -Tony Colella

    the boat is beautiful and you two look so happy!! we are jealous too!
    xo, the palermo clan

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