Bimini or Bust

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Monday, December 25th, 2006 at 8:20 am
Position: 25.7265 by -79.295 map

We arrived in Bimini on Christmas Eve after an 8 hour crossing from Miami. We left the Miami Beach Marina at 2AM. We had hit the hay early so we were all fairly rested (relative term when it comes to making crossings). Our greatest task was keeping track of the many cruise ships that crossed our paths. B/c of our fabulous AIS (automatic identification system) we were able to see on our screen all of the big ships within 20 miles of us….which was often long before we could see them with our eyes. We could then also plot their course. A few times David would get on the radio and call the captain to make sure they could see us. The captains always appreciated this and gave a “thank you captain – good watch” to David and were always more than willing to alter their course on our behalf. Pretty cool. We got into the Bimini Big Game Marina that morning and Mary and I waiting on board while David went ashore to clear all of us with customs. We hoisted our quarantine flag as required and just gazed out at the crystal clear water, dying to jump in (I’ll explain in a later post why it is very good that we didn’t!). North Bimini is a beautiful island. It is a very charming, authentic, Bahamian town. The people (once again) are SO friendly. We immediately felt the relaxed vibe of island life and are continuing to try to emulate this state of mind. Bimini is know for two very important things – its fishing tournaments and Hemingway. It is to here that Hemingway would escape in search of the big game and here that he wrote Islands in the Stream. I had my own Hemingway moment that I’ll share with you later.
For now, we send love and best wishes for a fabulous and blessed New Year!


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    Hello Captain and Captainettes,

    It’s not that exotic but I eventually managed to discover your cool blog while on holiday visiting friends in Mannheim (Germany). It’s going to be fun to follow you almost on a daily basis. Thank you for everything : the well written texts, the nice pictures and, above all, sharing with us this unique experience.
    My brother in law who is planning a similar trip to yours will certainly appreciate your choice of this awesome sailing boat.
    Enjoy every moment of this adventure.

    Happy new year !

    AND YOUR OFF! Congratulations on the maiden international voyage of Rosario. Monte and I are missing you a lot and are SO happy when we read and see your posts. Shout out to Mary as a hearty crew.

    We love you and wish you a Happy New Year, Happy Birthday Tni and Merry Christmas!

    (Still saving the Salman Billecart!)

    Ludy (and Monte)

    Hi! Been following your adventure and can’t wait for your future postings! Love the pictures! I’ll be gazing at them during my long days at my desk as I return to work next week. Corona’s by the clear blue water – classic! Can’t wait to here the details of the crossing from Mary. Happy New Year and all the best to you!

    Kathy, Tom, Jacob and Matthew Brennan

    Happy New Year! We were thinking of you last evening as we had “docktails” with Allison & Bill on our boat. Your adventures sound like fun, especially the 2 a.m. start! WPB is very warm, but that’s a good thing. Hope the glorious and festive Christmas tree (all 18″ of it) helped set a holiday mood on the Rosario. Later. . .

    Becky & Rich Kremer from Lotsa Docks

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