Big Majors and the Bay of Pigs

Posted by David Newhoff on Friday, January 12th, 2007 at 12:05 pm
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We spent several days in the heart of the Exumas at a wonderful anchorage off Staniel Cay called Big Majors Spot. It offered great protection from the wind and waves, as well as an abundance of activities. We started immediately by snorkeling and having a cold beer. Jon helped me replace the propellor zinc, which had eroded and fallen off since Nassau; it took several dives but we finally got it installed.

We next got the dingy in the water and the outboard installed. Everyone was eager to find the pigs on a beach nearby that were rumored to swim out and great visitors. We spotted the beach and saw a few of them strolling the sand. We all boarded the dingy and motored toward the beach. At about 100 yards out one them entered the water and started swimming. It was a fascinating and peculiar sight to behold. We tossed the little fellow a tortilla, but he showed no interest once it hit the salt water. We were so fascinated watching the leader that we didn’t notice the armada approaching from the shore. One in particular, a brown pig with long ears, was a quick and hungry swimmer. Once he arrived at the dingy the entire innocent excursion turned into what Jon called the Bay of Pigs. We drifted to shallow waters at the corner of the beach along a rocky wall as we became encircled by our new friends. For some reason we missed the tip in the guidebook suggesting we get out of the boat early and feed them on land. The brown pig began climbing on the back of the boat, where his hooves scratched away at our inflatable boat; the crew had a mixed reaction of laughter, shock and, let’s just say it, terror. I had shut the motor off as we got into shallow water; i grabbed an oar to push us out, but the paddle came off in the sand. Marilee helped to distract the pigs by shaking the bag of cereal we brought over there heads and into the the air. This further induced the boarding attempts as well as the laughter from Tni and Jon. I raced to get the motor started again. It was propped up so the propellor was now thrusting water into the air, making an enormous amount of noise; there left little doubt at this point: all the boats in the anchorage were now getting a show they could talk about for days. We eventually outran them and made it to deeper water where I could lower the engine. We lured them down the beach so we could race back to get the paddle sticking in the sand.

After making it back to the boat–all of us stunned, amazed and amused at what had just happened–we enjoyed some drinks and lots of laughter. About an hour later we looked over to the beach where young kids were petting and dancing with these ferocious animals who almost sank our dink.

    Parts of the 007 movie were filmed here      

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    I would have done anything to have video of that pig trying to get onto the dingy and to have seen Tni’s expression….to darn funny!!!!
    That was the best story yet!!!
    So glad you guys are enjoying your time and adventures!
    Thanks for keeping us land lubbers entertained!
    love you,

    I’m loving the stories of your adventures you guys! The pictures are beautiful and I passed along the pig story to I don’t know how many people! That fish was HUGE Tni! Hope you’re having a great new year (like you’re not) and keep the stories and photos coming! Thanks for putting so much time into sharing your trip with all of us.

    Tony C

    P.S. David – your dingy is much smaller than I had expected. Hahaha, just kidding, somebody had to make a dingy joke!

    Oh my gosh! That was the funniest story I ever heard. I can totally picture it. I laughed right out loud when I read it and my daughter came out of her room to see what was so funny. I’m glad you included the pictures of the pigs…. and they look so cute… who knew? Dani

    I just got caught up on all your adventures. This one is freakin hilarious! I didn’t know pigs could swim? Both of you are looking amazingly healthy, vibrant and happy! What an adventure…and oh does it look good on you both!
    Keep the pictures and stories coming.

    Oh my gosh. The pigs. So great. I could totally picture it too (maybe because there were pictures). This site is so great. I am really happy for you guys (and I’ll go ahead and say it, a little jealous).

    Keep the stories coming! Especially anything pig related.



    Steph and I were both sitting her laughing out loud about the pigs and the flying fish! We wish we could have been there to see it in person. I think it would have been most fun to see it from the shore. You two are amazing, and I agree with all the others, keep the stories coming!

    From suburbia, Glen

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