Ah…The Baths

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Sunday, February 25th, 2007 at 3:50 pm
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Virgin Gorda
The baths are so incredible. Everywhere we would go people would say “you have to see the baths” “you have to go to the baths” well…I get it. Amazing. I almost don’t believe that nature placed these boulders. Up, under, over, and across. We were smart and heeded advice to arrive early. We were up at 6:30 and underway by 7:30. By 7:45 we were mask and snorkels making our way toward a boulder filled beach. We snaked our way through the maze and trails of boulders with the intermittent pools of blue. We distanced ourselves from the only others who had the same idea of being early birds and enjoyed an amazing hike ending at a beautiful beach that was just begging us to come in snorkel. We must have stayed out there for hours. We finally headed back as the crowds arrived. Just another day in paradise.


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    You sure look like your having a great time. If you had four wheels I;d say I was jealous. we’r doing fine. Iv’ been keeping all about your trip and really enjoy reading about it. Hope you get this, I just found out how to leave a message. Take care Betty

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