They’re Here!

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Friday, February 23rd, 2007 at 4:00 pm

I cannot say that I have experienced homesickness yet since leaving in November. I certainly miss everyone but I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it has been to maintain contact with all who are near and dear. It is rarely more than a week that we go without being able to check in. All of this said…it sure is nice to have bit of SF on our boat right now. Ludy and Monte arrived yesterday and I was almost peeing my pants with excitement as we waited for their plane to land. We could literally see the airstrip on Beef Island from our anchorage. After a long day of travel they finally made their way to the boat at 9PM and we shared a fabulous meal of lobster (what else!) that David and Paul had caught the day before. It is SO good to have our friends here to share this adventure with us.

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    And a word out to all of you wondering…..these two have a HOME here. Warm, clean, fast and exciting! On our end….we came from a day of missed connections and 3 minutes from the airport to find David hunched over a beer at a small bayside wooden table with his toes digging in sand at “De Loose Mangoose”.

    A ride on MONTE (the dinghy!) took us out to a wide smiling TNI and so many hugs later……Lobster….wine and lots of catching up. We’ve been jonesing for these two since November and the forethought and openness they displayed is how we aspire to be as hosts. Sail on you sea doggies! Thanks for the week of beautiful memories (and the killer tans!) We love you both.
    Ludy and Monte

    Haven’t been in touch in a little while but I have been following your blog and thinking of ya.

    Sounds like Ludy & Monte had a fantastic time –surprise, surprise. Yes please, I liked to have some of that warm, clean, fun, exciting stuff you have on offer. I trust my invitation is still open. I just need some dates. I’m thinking Portugal in late July, early August.

    Lemme know….


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