BVI to St Martin

Posted by David Newhoff on Sunday, March 18th, 2007 at 12:20 pm
Position: 18.0467 by -63.0935 map

We had a very nice crossing from the British Virgin Islands to St. Martin, leaving at 4:00pm and arriving the next morning around 7:00am. Winds were favorable for the first 7 hours, so we enjoyed some great sailing. It was one of those rare passages of nice winds, light seas and beautiful stars. There were a few big ships that we spoke to throughout the night, but none were close enough to worry about.
St. Martin was a fun island. We rented a car for a day with Paul and Nancy from Aurora (there boat is pictured). Arriving at a French island (half of it anyway) was fantastic; we quickly found ourselves sitting at a cafe, eating croissants and sipping wine.
We anchored in the lagoon on the French side, just below the “witches tit” (also pictured).
We stayed for four days before making a short but difficult passage to St. Barts.


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