The Bucket

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 at 7:40 am

We were incredibly lucky as we just happened to be in St. Barts during The Bucket, a three day race for boats over 100 feet. The megayachts that once filled the marina were ushered out to make room for the mega sailboats. These things were amazing! We had seen one here, another there, but to see so many moored side by side was magnificent. We would have loved to have gotten on one of those boats, but we knew it was doubtful that any would be looking for crew. We met a great couple, he was a yacht broker, and they had the good fortune to being on a different boat for each day of the race! As it turns out, they live in Palm Beach, just across the way from where we spent a month getting the boat ready back in November, it’s too bad that we hadn’t met them back then.

We climbed a hill and watched the start of the first day of the race with Pam and Charlie, a couple from San Juan island who I liked immediately. What a joy they are to be around…radiating with positive energy and man oh man, she is quite the sailor having crossed several oceans. Raine and Sean happened to be visiting at this time as well and one afternoon David and Sean went out in the dinghy and got the most amazing shots of the start of the race. How exhilerating! It’s always refreshing to have guests and to get to see what you have been looking out through their eyes. They bring renewed enthusiasm and even though you think that you’ve not taken any of this for granted, you are reminded of just how fortunate you are. Thanks for coming and vacationing with us you guys!

The racing festivities culminated with an impromptu, intimate concert by Jimmy Buffet. He has the sweetest little daysailer that he keeps in the marina. I’m no Jimmy Buffet aficionado, which among the cruising and sailing sect is just short of a crime, but lucky for me I have Paul (from Aurora) who set out to educate me in this area and I now have several songs in my arsenal. The show was a blast, and what treat to be able to see him so up close and personal (yes, I just said that when a mere 5 months ago, I barely even knew who he was).


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    What is wild aboout this is we saw all these same yachts in Palma de Mallorca just 6 weeks later for the Mega bash they had there. While I only get to fly to places and charter still, I enjoy reading your stories of your adventures. I’m hopeto follow your wake in a few more years ! go for it ! Chris

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