An Ultra Special Guest

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Sunday, April 15th, 2007 at 9:20 pm
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We were SO thrilled to have David’s dad come and stay with us for a week. It was very special to have him finally see the boat and we loved sharing St. Barts with him. He was with us for Easter and we went to a mass given in French. Ours was a unique Easter, unlike what we might have been doing at home, we spent the morning lounging in the sun and swimming in the pristine waters of St. Jean. We then went in search of Easter brunch and again ended up doing the atypical – we went to a place on the beach, aptly called, La Plage. The scene was a beachy hip, festive vibe. There was live music of conga drums, an opera aria, and bunnies (no, the other kind) arriving by dinghy and passing out treats to all. We had a blast. Other highlights of Jim’s visit were our passage to St. Kitts, a wonderful tour of the island given to us by Ashton, the absolutely best and most informed tour guide I have ever met (who by the way, once we had dropped Jim off at the airport, shared some of his favorite recipes with us, and then took us shopping where he picked out all of the necessary ingredients…loved Ashton…he was one of the best humored guys we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting), and the HUGE mahi that David caught along the way. It took a solid 45 minutes to reel her in and David, having gotten quite adept at filleting off of the swim platform, expertly produced two huge lovely fillets that we enjoyed for several meals.

I was so sad to see Jim go and only managed to mask my tears long enough to walk away from the departure lounge.


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