Our Giant Kite

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Monday, April 23rd, 2007 at 9:30 am
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Today we flew our gennaker (a type of spinnaker) for the first time and wow, was it beautiful! We had not flown it up until this point for two reasons: 1. we’d never flown it before and David and our dealer had only taken it out of the bag once, so it felt like a daunting task. 2. Because conditions have to be just right – you have to be sailing downwind in light winds. This morning leaving from Les Saintes to Antigua, by way of Guadaloupe, we knew that the time had come. After reading and re-reading the instructions plus finding further instructions online, we assembled all of the lines got out of the bay and enjoyed an exhilarating and graceful ride. All we could think of was…what took us so long??? We were sad to leave Les Saintes b/c they were yet another place that we wouldn’t have minded spending more time…quite a long time in fact. We fantasized buying some land and settling down, but alas, Antigua and our first leg of the crossing called. Our other sadness came from having to say good- bye to our wonderful, longtime traveling companions, Nancy and Paul on Aurora. So many of our Caribbean memories include them and it is hard to imagine that it might be quite some time before we see them again. Though I’m convinced (and Paul and I even have a wager out there) that they will find themselves moving to CA (from Michigan) b/ c that is where their kids are so we could see them sooner than we think! There you have it Paul, it’s in writing right here on the very famous, world renown website ;)


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    “Never be daunted.”
    -Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

    Thank you both for all of the beautiful pictures and stories from your adventure. Have a safe passage!

    Tony Colella

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