We’re Here! Bermuda at Last

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 at 6:50 am
Position: 32.371 by -64.660 map

Leg 1 of our passage is complete and we are resting comfortably in Bermuda! It was a long and arduous journey, especially for just two people, and after eight days and 900 miles at sea, we were incredibly relieved to get here, get some sleep, and start ramping up for Leg 2. What a pleasant surprise Bermuda is! I had not really given much thought to this place beyond that it is the destination of leg 1 and the Bermuda Triangle. So strange to come upon a chain of islands sitting in the middle of the Atlantic. We are in the parish of St. George, a charming village of painted houses, quaint alleyways, stone walls, and gardens. It is still hard to imagine how this remote place came to be so civilized. The people are without a doubt, the nicest that I have come across on this trip (and you know how I felt about the DR!). Everyone, and I mean everyone you pass greets you with a good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. The island is surrounded by aquamarine waters as well as treacherous reefs, which is the way that these islands came to be inhabited back in the 1600s. Given their remote location, there were no natives to Bermuda. Instead, it was discovered, quite by accident, when a ship wrecked on its reefs. This continued to happen and as a result, there is interesting diving to be found here. In the years that followed, it became a stopping off place for sailors making their way from Europe to the US as it was rich in natural resources. These days, the reefs and waters are monitored by Bermuda Harbor Radio. All ships within 50 miles are tagged on radar and Bermuda Radio keeps a watch on them to make sure that they do not enter any dangerous areas and then they help you navigate their waters and guide you right into the appropriate channel . What a fantastic system! We have not come across this before.

John and Jeff arrived a few days ago. Boy are we looking forward to having the additional people for the crossing. The thought of sleeping more than two hours at one time just sounds like a dream. We’ve been having a great time at the various ARC activities, getting to know those who will be our neighbors at sea, and exploring the island. Today we will spend the day taking care of last minute details to get ready for tomorrow’s departure.


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    Congratulations you two! Stage one down…Glad to see the Pig and Whistle well represented in St. George Parish.

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