Thursday May 31

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Friday, June 1st, 2007 at 9:15 am
Position: 32.16 by -53.45 map

The dance seemed to have worked, we awoke this morning to blue skies and glassy seas. And though there was only a whisper of wind, I think glee would be the word to best describe the feeling this crew had upon coming on deck this morning. Not only was it dry, but is was also warm. So we did the only natural thing that one should do in the middle of the Atlantic under these conditions…we jumped in the water and took baths. Refreshing! And once we dried off, we stayed dry…what a novelty. We even enjoyed a nice lunch in the sunshine. It was just about then that we noticed our old friend “weather” looming on the horizon. We brought down the spinnaker, brought in all the damp items we had hung out to dry, and then we were in it again…rain, wind, seas. Considering that we had spent the morning and part of the afternoon going less than three knots, we were happy to be raging along again at 6+ knots and we didn’t mind the rain, the clouds or saying goodbye to the sun b/c we got just what we needed, just when we needed it and everyone’s batteries were recharged.

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    As I read your blogs, I find myself in admiration for all of the courage and strength it takes to continue on the daily work and challenges that the great vast ocean brings to you…not only the ocean but mother nature herself…It must be a time of really coming to understand who you are and how you function under great challenge.
    I send you my heart felt wishes for safe travels and high winds to sail you far!!!
    love, Alison

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