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Posted by Jeff on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 at 9:05 am

Dishwasher, First Rank, Golden reporting:
Ahhhh… First night of good sleep in a week. Calm seas and no wind meant a night of motoring directly towards the Azores — and no war zone conditions to sleep in. 7 hours total quality sleep for me. Feels good.
Fulll moon and Venus on my watch last night. (wuv!) Sunny out right now, and we’re supposed to run into light winds in the right direction any time now. All of which means morale is quite high right now. Very different from two days ago when it was raining all the time, everything was damp, you couldn’t sleep much, and we weren’t always heading the right direction. Which also means Captain Clear Skies was finally right. Captain always thinks it looks like it’s clear up ahead. At one point he was even pointing out spots in the sky where he thought it was kind of blue, in the midst of nothing but shades of grey as far as you could see for days.
We’re still clearly on the ocean though. We’re all eating less than normal and probably losing some weight. Almost no one is quite regular. And our bodies only fully relax in sleep because otherwise we have to constantly be bracing ourselves.
I won the conservation award three days back when I managed to wash my hair and body in two separate downpours. Cold but so so good. Except for that and the next day when the others jumped in the ocean while I napped, we rely on our little personal hygiene companions – handiwipes.
Whenever a cargo ship passes anywhere within about 50 miles of us you can pull up the info on it. It helps pass the time. One headed to Corpus Christi, another to Houston. The one last night going to Dublin raised some interest on our part. And I admit I was inspired by the one that would be in Portland, ME – not too far from home – in just two days, whereas we still have at the very least one more week just to the Azores.
Music update: U2’s The Refugee has been my constant companion for the past few days. I listen about every shift and it’s in my head a lot. Great positive energy. (Thinking of you Irene and Steph.) Patty B made an appearance last night. I seem to recall some Patty B fans.

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