Saturday June 2

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 6:10 am

This morning I woke up certain that I had arrived in the Twilight Zone. First of all, I slept REALLY hard and did not wake until after 8AM. As it turns out, I was the last to arise…given that aside from the person on watch, I am usually the first, I was amazed. The reason for my deep slumber was the perfectly calm seas, yet, they were paired with even more perfect wind…spinnaker wind! So here we were gliding along at 6+ knots effortlessly without the thunderous sounds like the earth is crashing down on us that usually accompany going this speed when sailing upwind with the requisite swells. To further thrust me into the twilight zone were the smells coming from the kitchen…the kitchen which due to lingering spells of seasickness felt by the rest of the crew, had not gotten much use by anyone other than me. But this morning, there was John baking glorious scones! (topped with his homemade raspberry jam!). As further evidence that seasickness is a thing of the past, there was David, happily typing away on the computer and Jeff reading in the cockpit. Simple surprises, great no less.

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    You know, I did wonder about sea sickness because you never mention it. I thought that you all must have stomachs of steel.

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