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Posted by Jeff on Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 12:50 pm

First Mate Hare Herb reporting:
You’ve seen a cow chew its cud. It doesn’t compare with sailors talking about the weather. About 25% of the words uttered on this ship refer to the weather and our course. The high point of the day comes at 5pm when we get our daily dose of “Herb stew” as we call it. Herb is this guy in Toronto, an old sailor, who for free spends a couple hours on this high powered radio dispensing weather predictions and advice to over 30 sailboats in the Atlantic.
If you can reach him you give him your coordinates and he talks about the weather specific to where you are and based on where you’re going he gives advice, which then gets updated again every day at 5. Herb has temporarily replaced Shakira as my personal deity. The guy wields a lot of power. Almost all of us out here do exactly what he tells us to. He’s the one who sent us south almost immediately out of Bermuda to avoid bad weather (making him not very popular), and he’s rarely been exactly right in our experience, but he seems generally right most of the time, and he led us to the 2+ days of beautiful weather and perfect winds we’ve got now, so he’s our good buddy for now.
Other news: Admiral Iron Ear has put us on a water alert. We’ve got plenty still, but we’re on our 11th day at sea and are still not halfway on a trip that was supposed to be 14 days total. So now even my more pessimistic prediction of arriving next Monday seems unrealistic.
Fact of the Day: A huge portion of the crews of British ships in the 1600s and 1700s (notably those on slave ships) were forced to do it against their will, usually kidnapped by press gangs. And a huge percentage never saw home again, dying from disease. One topic of conversation yesterday was ways the US military today compares with those press gangs. It was an off-hand comment and nobody thought the comparison could go very far, but to the degree it went anywhere was interesting.

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    ho love. I was SO happy to get your email and to learn I can write you out there in middle of the ocean. amazing. I’ll keep it short: I’m in ATL now, the conf. is going well and EVERYONE misses you. YES Summit was great, Naomi and Milano fabulous, I learned a lot from them. I go back to DC on Sun. but my dad won’t be home til I’m at the PTI so I’ll see him when I return on 6/21 to DC. So these are the simple details of my life I can share in this short msg. There is SO much more that I want to share but will wait til we get to talk. I will leave my cell phone on all of next week to get your call when you are on land…don’t be like we were in Columbia about calling!

    I love you so much and hope you are staying healthy out there…your mom and I send emails about how much weight you are losing!

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