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Posted by Jeff on Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at 2:00 am

First Mate Phoenix reporting:
Personally three days ago was one of the hardest days for me. While the conditions are 100 times better than that first week — good weather, we’re able to sleep, and we’re actually moving in the right direction, and at a good clip. But not being able to read or play guitar has left me/us with few options for passing the time (though Admiral Iron Ear is consuming books at a voracious rate). So each day was starting to feel really dreary. Wake up, eat, sit, nap, eat, talk, play a game, eat, sleep, get woken up in the middle of the night to do your watch… And we still had at least 10 days to go.
Part of it also is that while the ocean and sky are constantly changing, they’re changing not because we’re moving through spots with different features like on land. Other than the GPS and the sunrise getting earlier and earlier we have no obvious ways of noting our movement. It’s like we could be sitting in the same spot for – how may days now? 15? – and it’s ocean as far as you can see in every direction, the same every day. To be expected, but the experience of it and the monotony was wearing on me.
For two days now life has been pretty sweet. We’re making good time. We got to go swimming/bathing yesterday. We’ve had many dolphin visits. We’re constantly seeing sea turtles. (We’re a bit mystified at how they survive out here.) Extremely little wind for 36 hours plus a super calm sea – almost glassy at times – meant until this morning we have been motoring, meaning a constant supply of electricity, and we’ve been able to be below deck more than usual. Which means it’s been movie time! That’s been a very nice break as we’ve taken in a couple flicks.
And Tni is an amazing cook. Her food and beautiful presentation would be impressive on land, but working in that small galley in the middle of the ocean, well it’s been a real treat.
We’re all now predicting a Tuesday arrival. That’s one day later than even my pessimistic prediction, but we’re all happy with it. We’re sending up prayers to our deity, Herb, who has predicted good winds for us all the way until then. We’re all gonna drive up to Toronto and buy him dinner if he comes through for us on this one.
Insider tip of the Day: We call David’s brother John “Dark and Stormy” cuz while he’s actually a pretty positive guy he comes out with these dire predictions sometimes, and on the first day he said he hoped we would go through a storm at some point. Boy, we sure got it, and it’s all Dark and Stormy’s fault.
New Way to Pass Time: For those who know it, “The Game” has now been played in the middle of the Atlantic. We played a few games of Boggle, but once The Game was introduced it took over and is now a daily feature.
Most Random Garbage Seen Floating By: Slice of pizza, taco. (Both seen by the folks on Moonstruck, not us.)
Music on My Watch Update: Avett Brothers (thanks Chris and Faith!), and a special dedication for Kavitha, played three times on my 4-6 shift this morning: And Tomorrow by Anne and Pete Sibley.

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