Jeff Log 7

Posted by Jeff on Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 5:40 am

Land Ho!
Smiling faces all around as we sited land about 2 hours ago and will arrive in another 2! We can see a beautiful (though still kind of fuzzy from here) mountain rising 2000 feet into the sky.
The Azores are made up of three sets of islands. The largest city, Horta, our main destination, is in the middle set. San Miguel, our stepping off point for Portugal, is in the eastern set. The western set is not much visited — they don’t even have a dock there. But when we learned they have a harbor that’s sheltered from the west, where the big winds and swells from this storm will be coming from, we were sold. It’s 30 miles north out of our way, but it’s about 100 miles closer than Horta and we can get there before the storm hits. It’s perfect!
Land! Blessed be! It will have been 18 days that we haven’t touched land and have been sharing this 42 foot boat. It’s almost hard to believe that there can be any land in this world, that it hasn’t all succumbed to the vast expanses and depths and power of these waters. But we’ll take it. In this case it was the work of volcanoes that we have to be thankful for.
We don’t know much about Flores, the town with the harbor where we will anchor tonight, other than the island is apparently gorgeous – like a pristine Hawai’i – and that the people are supposed to be the friendliest in the Azores. And there is a restaurant (probably not many vegan options, but I’ll settle for fries that don’t have to be nailed down to keep them from flying away). We’ll arrive too late for customs, but will hopefully be able to go ashore tonight anyway. And even if we can’t , it will be wonderful to be in a safe harbor with calm seas and no watches! And some beautiful walks in store.
We’ll leave when the weather is right for us to do the one day trip to Horta, and even then we might stay longer if we like it here. 18 days on this boat merits a little break!
Happy happy, joy joy! Jeff

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    Jeff, I leave tomorrow to West Virginia and don’t know how much phone access I will have, please call me Tuesday or Wednesday by noon East Coast time if you can on my cell. don’t care how much it costs you, call me! loveyou,kavi

    Congratulations on arriving in the Azores! Can’t wait to hear what you find there. I’m reminded that you have Captain Slocum’s travelogue and wonder if it’s been instructive or inspiring, especially on the long hauls. Have fun on the isles; I hope you don’t have too much trouble re-establishing your land legs. We miss you!
    Big love,

    One more thing: Julie Novak and I loved your note: “There’s a pole on the boat!” We’re singing Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” and thinking of you as we close the July issue. Cheers.

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