Safe in Flores, Azores

Posted by David Newhoff on Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 10:22 am
Position: 39.3798 by -31.17 map


Diverted by a strong low pressure system, we managed to sneak into Flores. Flores is about 130 miles from our original destination of Horta. All of us feel incredibly lucky to arrive here ahead of the strong wind and waves. It´s also a treat to visit one of the islands that most skip enroute to Horta. We anchored in Lajes last night; it´s a wonderful little village with cobblestone streets and tile roofs. We just visited the local church named: Senhora de Rosario. Enough said.

Our plan is to rest before heading onto Horta or San Miguel, then onto Lagos, Portugal.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and notes during our passage. It was an unusually long one and we are so happy to have arrived safely.

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    so good to hear from my sailing family ;o) I am now living full time in mexico city, can’t wait to host you here. Love – Juanito

    Yeehaaa! I am really glad to see this posting. When you started talking about water rationing, etc. you had me a bit nervous. I hope you get a chance to clean yourselves and the boat soon. Sounds like it was a bit crazy at times! Rock on, Glen

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