More photos of our arrival in Flores

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 7:40 am

As we were about to make landfall in Flores, we were greeted by a welcoming committee of no less than 100 dolphins. It was unbelievable, they came from every direction jumping, swimming, and racing to dance in our bow wake. I kid you not, it was straight out of a Disney movie!
And now, some more photos to share…


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    Land Ho! Congrats on making your voyage across the Atlantic. Looks like it was quite a memorable crossing. So glad you are safe and sound on land again! Love the photos of the skies and dolphins, must have been a beautiful site. Back in the States, we have been embarking on our own sort-of voyage with our lil one. Lots of interesting late nights and bumps in the roads….quite a challenge. Alison looks like a Budha and is looking forward to smoother sailing soon, albeit 2 more months away. You are in our thoughts. Love, Alison and Gerry

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