Resting in Lagos

Posted by David Newhoff on Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 5:20 am
Position: 37.1098 by -8.6746 map

It’s hard to describe the tranquility on Rosario right now. A week ago the boat was pounding through tall seas while healed at 45 degrees. Motionless in the marina, we find it hard to believe it’s even on water anymore. We love the change.

Lagos is a wonderful seaside, European town. The streets are all cobblestone and the cafes are numerous. We spent the first days catching up with other boats and enjoying local fish and beer. We spent one day at the beach and explored the grottos nearby. John stayed a few days before doing some travel in Spain. We took a drive to Fort Sagres, where Henry the Navigator created a school of navigation back in the 15th century. Built on a rugged cliff, we could look out onto the cape we rounded only a few days ago.

Our friends on Moonstruck left for Lisbon, but not before we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at this rustic tavern in downtown Lagos.
After Lagos we’ll move East along the Southern coast of Portugal.
Thanks everyone for your emails and thoughts during our crossing!


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