John Log 7 – Going for it, and Cinnamon Rolls

Posted by John Newhoff on Sunday, June 10th, 2007 at 4:45 am

Things change quick over night. David downloaded current weather reports over night during his watch and spent some time reviewing them and so in the morning Captain David made the decision that we’d continue on, keeping as much sail up as possible, trying to maintain seven plus knots in order to get into Horta before the worst of the bad weather. The weather forecast from the national weather service showed winds in the 20 to 25 knot range, rather than the 30 plus range predicted by Herb.

Today’s treat was cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Tni had a tube of ready made pillsbury cinnamon rolls hidden away in the fridge.

We’ve had a fast day of sailing, but a slow day on the boat with a lot of napping and reading. We’re expecting to hit the edge of the gale conditions late in the day and through the night tomorrow and so we’ll be doing two hours on, two hours off for watches with two people on at all times. So, everyone is trying to take a nap today to be fully rested for tomorrow.

Thankfully, the clouds have given way and its been mostly sunny all day, giving the deck and everything else a chance to dry out.

We’re at 38 deg, 53 min N lattitude and 34 deg, 36 min W longitude this afternoon.

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