The Golden Gate Bridge & Rosario Immortalized in Horta

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 at 3:20 pm

In Horta there is a tradition that all arriving mariners should paint the name of their vessel on one of the marina walls. As a result all of the walls and walkways throughout the entire marina make up a colorful patchwork mural. To ignore this tradition is considered to be bad luck. Some paintings display true artistry, while others have kept it more simple. We weren’t going to leave anything to chance and figured we should oblige. Between the four of us we were lacking in the artistic category (Mary, we really could have used your talents!!!) but what we we lacked in that department, we more than made up for in diligence and commitment, so much so that we stayed an extra day to complete the task. We hunted and hunted for the perfect spot (finding space is quite a challenge…finding the right space, oh, so important) and finally settled on a stretch of concrete that would allow for a nice panoramic painting. John sketched out the GG Bridge and we all got to work painting. We had a great time working on it and I think all were pleased with the end result and to have left a little stamp of San Francisco on that wall so far, far, away from home.


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    How lovely to see alittle of San Francisco in Horta. Be sure that you still leave you heart in San Francisco. We miss you but know that you’re having in most cases the time of your life.
    Love sharing your adventure.

    Lots of Love,

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