Don’t touch the monkeys!

Posted by David Newhoff on Thursday, September 6th, 2007 at 8:34 pm
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We spent about a week in Gibraltar. For the most part it’s a pretty avoidable destination, but sailing into the port was fun and felt historical.

One day we took the cable car to the top of the famous Rock. Signs were posted everywhere warning visitors to avoid touching or feeding the wild monkeys that inhabit the cliffs along the rock. But of course there are those tourists that consider themselves so unique and succumb to a weird temptation to both feed and handle them. We watched one such tourist who managed to get the monkey on his shoulders while feeding it a carrot. Moments later he and his girlfriend were treated to a shower of monkey pee to the amazement (and hidden delight) of the rest of us who couldn’t believe what was happening. I know that’s just the sort of travel story you want to hear, right?

The monkeys were pretty neat, but the view was just spectacular. One direction was spain and the other the continent of Africa.
A few days later we were on our way back to Spain. We couldn’t wait to be back in the land of Jamon Iberico and Vino Tinto, leaving the fish and chips of Gibraltar behind us. On our way around the Rock we circled a sinking ship that had only a few days prior collided with another tanker. We had heard on the radio that the captain was arrested for not filing his departure correctly and failing to follow proper procedures. It was quite something to see the ship with the Rock of Gibraltar sitting behind it.

So remember next time you visit Gibraltar, don’t feed the monkeys and be sure to file your ship’s papers properly! Better yet, place this somewhat unique location farther down on your travel list.


2 Responses to “Don’t touch the monkeys!”

    Loved the pic of Monkey on tourist. Made me feel I was right there!
    Alan, Moonstruck

    Yea for the Monkeys!!!!
    I bet the captain of that ship lost his strips!!!
    Love hearing from you, and can’t wait for the next adventure.
    Lots of love to you both.

    P.S. Tomarrow night 9/7 is opening night of the Opera season so everything and everyone here is all stressed out!!! Can’t wait for it to be over. We’re celebrating Barnie Osher’s 80th birthday so I’ve been buried under getting all his guests seated and ball tickets sent.
    It’s Samon and Delilah, good for an opening night opera.
    Don’t know if you know, Luciano Pavarotti died last night, of pancreatic cancer. En of era. Well I guess I better get bsck to work.
    Love to you both,

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