Paradise Found…Again

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Friday, October 5th, 2007 at 3:24 pm
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I realize that I’ve used this subject line before (you may remember the little slice of heaven that I wrote about called Conception Island), but this place is also truly deserving of this moniker. This is the Ibiza that you rarely hear about. Not the Ibiza of all night clubbing and lifestyles of the rich and famous, but the Ibiza of staggering beauty.

We headed out from Espalmador for a leisure sail. While out, we figured we’d check out the anchorages around Formentera. We were having such a nice time that we decided to mosey up to Ibiza and have a look at some anchorages on the south end that David had spotted on our charts. We figured if we didn’t find anything to our liking, we could just head back to our mooring at Espalmador. There were two possibilities. The first was a nice spot along a wide, white, sandy beach. But why not check out the other one. As we rounded the corner into the outer bay, it was magnificent. Then further, tucked into the eastern end of this bay was a smaller, completely secluded cove. There were a handful of other boats but it still felt amazingly private. It was three sides of beautiful cliffs topped with pines. And the water…the water was like Caribbean water (the way that we always describe the clearest, bluest waters), so clear that it was not a question as to whether the anchor had hit bottom, I could just watch it.

We spent three days there in our own glorious paradise, swimming, reading, listening to music, cooking, dinghy exploring, and sometimes doing nothing at all but gazing. I only stepped foot on land once to hike up a trail that led up to the top of a cliff and then along the ridge. I felt like I wanted to stay there forever, in that spot, on this boat, forever. Yes, it was that perfect.

The truth is that I should say that it was “nearly” perfect. Yes, perfect is an elusive word after all… and I suppose not even Conception Island was entirely perfect -albeit just about as close as one might ever come to it – given its impossibly remote location making it difficult to access (though this could actually be an argument for its perfection). And then there’s the fact that you can’t actually live there what with the whole uninhabited national park thing. Anyway, this place really was nearly perfect, and the only thing that kept it from the highest of ratings were the jellyfish. There weren’t tons of them but just enough to keep you aware. We hadn’t noticed them at all at first. I only happened upon one while swimming when, mid-stroke, something grazed my hand. I looked up to see a mauvish/brownish jellyfish right in my path. I quickly swam back to the boat where David and I proceeded to search for and finally photograph the offender. We looked it up to find that their stings are severe. No, not deadly, just extremely painful. Luckily I only had minor contact with its top and not its tentacles. Not that that put the kibosh on our swimming b/c the water was way to inviting for us not to accept each and every invitation.

View of the bay Relaxing at the perfect anchorage Colors of Ibiza A small fishing hut The rocky shoreline of Ibiza Tni on hike - that tiny orange speck Pesky jellyfish A small wooden boat enjoying the sunset David at the helm 

2 Responses to “Paradise Found…Again”

    Hi, Tni and David,

    What a pleasant surprise when I looked you up on the internet today and found a brand new report! Beautifully written, I might add. I am envying the two of you as I sit here in the Boat Show press office and imagine you in your new found paradise. And it must be paradise if you compare it to Conception Island which is Paul and my favorite spot in the Bahamas. The pictures are terrific and it’s good to know you are still soaking in the sun and fun aboard Rosario.

    The show is up and running and we’re being run ragged, well, Paul is, anyway. I have a cushy job in the Press trailer handing out badges and literature and enjoying the air conditioning. It’s very hot and humid here, and Paul is on call for anything that breaks or needs fixing or forklifting. He put in 84 hours this week.

    We are counting the days (18 to be exact) until we fly back to Aurora and set sail again. Can’t wait! We will be so ready for some R&R when the shows are over and put to bed.

    Keep enjoying the ride! It’s just great reading your updates.

    Well, it can’t be “perfect” if there are no pigs swimming out to greet you! Just kidding, that place does look like paradise. The sunrise and sunset pictures are amazing, especially the dolphin one! I’m looking forward to the rest of your adventure, enjoy the trip!

    Tony C

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