Friends Visit Mallorca

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 at 2:05 pm
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A few days after arriving in Palma we were joined by two people who I had been looking forward to seeing since they told me they were coming more than a year ago. Glen flew over from SF and Debbie from London. I’ll let it be known that during their visit we stayed up until 5AM not once, but twice…and they were only here for four days! We are now well conditioned in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Though it was a whirlwind visit we managed to squeeze in just about all of the requisite itinerary items. There was sailing of course, a little bit of swimming, shopping, dining, and even some dancing. We visited the Miro museum where in addition to the permanent collection of Miro’s work, there was a temporary exhibit by Portuguese artist Baltazar Torres, whose subject matter was both intriguing and poignant. I link to it here b/c it was truly fascinating and my words won’t do it justice. We took a day trip to Deià which was a stunning mountain town. Later, as I was sifting through the mountain of fashion magazines that Debbie generously and thoughtfully brought for my reading pleasure, what should I stumble upon other than a one page feature in ELLE singing the praises of our sweet little town of Deià.

We also received an impromptu visit from David’s best friend Joel. It meant a lot to have these final guests get to experience Rosario, knowing that our days with her are numbered. (I realize that I personify our boat but at this point, after all the miles that we have traveled together, she is practically family!) The best part about having Joel with us was that I spent a solid four days just cracking up. He and David are hilarious together and provided hours of entertainment with their banter. His visit saw us dancing for the second time this month(!), enjoying more touring of the island, and of course, doing more sailing. On the second day we found a nice spot to anchor for lunch and go for a swim, though Joel and I chickened out of the swimming part on account of the jellyfish. Our road trip took us to the easternmost point of the island (and of our yearlong adventure!) with views all the way to Menorca. On our way back we noticed a small cove far below with pristine aqua waters. Intrigued, we decided that further investigation was in order. We discovered a path and hiked down to a spot very reminiscent of Yosemite with pine tree peppered cliffs towering on three sides. The water was perfectly clear and it marked Joel’s first time swimming in the Med. Aside from the dog who swam out to me and decided that he wanted a piggyback ride (Seriously…I thought I was going down! As it turns out this sweet pup just wanted to use me as her own private island), it was a lovely afternoon as a wrap-up to Joel’s visit.

A Rosario toast upon arrival Deb and Glen, all smiles Deb prepares to get her clean on Best buddies, Glen and Tni at the Miro Museum (note: Torres work in background) Reflection at Miro Museum Sweet Deià David and Tni in Deià Joel arrives in Palma I'm sailing!! David and Joel enjoying lunch on Rosario A beautiful Mallorcan village in the wine country Joel at Formentor, Mallorca Our swimming cove Joel enjoys his first swim in the Med The dog that almost drowned Tni 

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