The Fastest I Have Moved in a Year

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007 at 2:29 pm
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We took the ferry from Palma to Barcelona to go hang out out with our good friends Marilee and Jon who were there for work. David and I could not stop marveling at how quickly this monster sized boat moved over the water. The ease with which it glided through waves that would have had us bouncing up and down was baffling. Had we made this trip with Rosario, it would have been an overnight, but we arrived in a mere 8 hours. I was thrilled to see Marilee and Jon for the second time this year. You may remember their stay with us back in January commemorated in a (hilarious!) blog that David wrote called “The Bay of Pigs“…if you don’t remember, it’s worth revisiting. While we loved exploring Barcelona, taking in the architecture, and enjoying great food and wine, an absolute highlight of the weekend was taking in a local soccer match. It was FC Barcelona against Sevilla and boy do they take their soccer seriously! The energy was amazing and like true fans, we were jumping, screaming, and chanting just like the rest of them.

The return ferry got us back into town at the rosy hour of 6AM. A few hours later we got a call from Moonstruck inviting us to join them at an anchorage 20 miles down the coast. We were pooped from our whirlwind tour of Barcelona and declined. We really wanted to meet their daughters who were visiting and this was our last chance to hang out with Moonstruck b/c they were moving on to Ibiza and then to Barcelona where they will spend the winter. So we mustered up some spontaneity and surprised them a few hours later. It was great to meet the girls who we had heard so much about and it was nice to delay saying goodbye to our wonderful travel partners for just another day. We don’t have pics of that visit, but you can see it on Moonstruck’s site.

Sculptures on the Sagrada Família Marilee and Jon at Park Güell Hiking up the hill in the Park Güell Enjoying the view of Barcelona from Park Güell Funny times in the Parc Good friends Best buds La Rambla It was a great match Barca v Sevilla Sagrada Família A beautiful church in the gothic quarter 

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