Our Palma Days

Posted by Tni Newhoff on Sunday, November 25th, 2007 at 10:38 pm

Palma is proving to be a wonderful city in which to plant ourselves and work on selling the boat. Incidentally, Joel brought a little luck with him during his visit as we had our first nibble of interest on the boat while he was here. We were out for a sail and were looking for a spot to anchor and perhaps stay the night when we received a call from our broker telling us that there was a couple who was interested in seeing the boat and that they would only be in town for the night. We hightailed it back to the dock and gave Rosario a quick spit shine. The meeting went well so stay tuned…

We’ve been getting to know our new home – visiting museums and exploring the island. I include some photos from a trip we took to the birthplace of Junipero Serra.

Otherwise, David and I have been eating our way through Palma. There are two places that deserve mentioning in case any of you find yourselves in Palma one of these days. The first place we stumbled onto quite by accident when we were trying to take Joel to another one of our favorites that happened to be closed that evening. It’s a local spot, a Basque restaurant in the Santa Catalina district where the food was always fresh and uniquely traditional (somehow they make simple, divine!) and the service is the best that we have experienced in all of Europe. Jorge has been our server the three times that we have dined there and his passion for food is evident in the way that he enthuses over every dish that he describes. With the weakness of the dollar, we keep having to swallow hard on European prices, which is why this next place is a most amazing find. Restaurant Living serves a three course lunch for 12 euros which even includes a glass of wine. This is no measly three course meal; it always starts with an inventive first course, followed by fresh fish, and completed with a mouthwatering dessert.

In other news, I ran an exhilarating race the other day! Shortly after we arrived I found out that the Palma Marathon would be taking place in a month. It was not enough time to train for the marathon, or the half marathon for that matter, but I felt more than able to get out there and run the 10k. It was a gorgeous day with just enough of a morning chill to make for a perfect race day. It felt wonderful to get out and race after being out of the game for more than a year. David as usual was the consummate cheerleader, meeting me several times on the course and documenting the occasion with a zillion photos.

A view of parc de mer Villa in Palma Our corner on a rooftop The perfect car for tooling around San Francisco The site of our nuptials San Francisco Mission Dolores Junipero Serra  Junipero Serra's birthplace The El Camino Real bell Rooftop installation of Es Baluard museum Pretty Palma doorway Racing past the Seo 

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