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Posted by Tni Newhoff on Monday, December 10th, 2007 at 10:03 pm

I apologize in advance for droning on in this blog but there is just so much to say…

What’s our big news??? We have sold our beloved Rosario.

Fundamental to our plans has been the belief that we would/could sell our boat at the end of the year. Being a tiny bit superstitious, I didn’t want to jinx the process by saying anything until everything was finalized. The couple (Guy and Tori) that I mentioned in my previous blog fell in love with Rosario in much the same way that we did. After several weeks of discussions, Guy came to spend the weekend with us aboard the boat to conduct a sea trial and to have her surveyed. The final step was the survey where they took Rosario out of the water to determine if there was any structural damage to her. This was my first time seeing her out of the water. She was just as beautiful and I felt strangely sad. Maybe it’s because I knew this was it. Of course Rosario was not going to have any issues, she wasn’t even a year old and carried us across an ocean without incident. Once the survey was completed and Rosario was given a clean bill of health Guy turned to me and said, I have bad news, I’m going to buy your boat. For the sea trial we were blessed with a perfect day of sailing, and with Guy at the helm it was clear that this boat would soon belong to him. This time had to come…it is what we had planned for…but as you can probably imagine, it was immensely bittersweet. You will be happy to know that, though our lives as cruisers has come to an end (for now), Rosario carries on! She is in the great hands of this very lovely couple from the UK. She is resting up in Palma and will resume a cruisers’ life in a few months when Guy and Tori will sail with her to the Eastern Med.

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. I also can’t believe how much we have seen and how far we have traveled. Rosario has carried us some 7,000 nautical miles. It has been an amazing ride and I am so grateful to have experienced it from the deck of a sailboat next to my favorite captain.

We have not yet decided what will become of the blog so this may very well be our last posting or perhaps it will just take on a different iteration in the future. In any case, I have to say how much I have loved sharing the last year of our lives with so many of you faithful readers. It is with the deepest gratitude that we thank you for your comments, words of encouragement, visits, and support. They have meant the world to us and sustained us as we were traveling so many miles away. And to all of our friends who are still out there…we may be landlubbers now, but we are always with you in spirit.

Until next time… xx

The dedicated crew of Rosario Hauling out for the survey The happy new owner of Rosario Rosario taking flight Rosario under survey in Palma Saying goodbye to Mallorca at the Palma Airport Guy, Tni and David after the sea trial Marking the special occasion with some bubbly The celebration begins 

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    I can’t believe you did it!!! Even I’m sad. We now you can join us crossing the Pacific in April. We’re saving you a cabin…

    We are on our way to Black Point from West Palm Beach and fondly remember meeting you guys in these places. Congratulations on completing your dream and best of luck in the future. Please keep in touch. You never know when we might drop by SF.

    Bob & Sharon Heckman

    Understatement of all time perhaps, but… congratulations! Kori and I are thrilled to hear about and see what you have accomplished (Joel, of course, is to thank for turning me on to this url). Take care!

    Kori & David Sturgeon (

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